Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Party Favour Tips

July 28, 2017

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When the excitement of the big day is complete, every child loves a memento or keepsake. Lolly bags are fine, but unique and creative party favours are on trend at the moment. To keep you in the know we’ve outlined our Bee Box Best 5 Party Favour Tips!

bee box parties favour considerations

Party favours are usually a keepsake or treat given in the spirit of appreciation or thank you for joining the birthday celebrations. This is a fairly modern tradition; some hosts choose a small bag of inexpensive gifts or favours, however these can end up as clutter or be sent swiftly to the garbage bin. Instead, many party planners elect to offer a singular, more substantial gift.
Its important that each child is offered a memento, so always ensure there are enough favours for each guest. It’s also worth having a few spare favours in case additional guests/siblings arrive unexpectedly. Etiquette dictates that party favours are age appropriate and identical to avoid envy or arguments; there may be cases where a host is expecting the attendance of children across a wide range of ages to attend. In this case it is wise to prepare a variation on the same theme. (In the same vein, avoid choking hazards as gifts for infants and toddlers). Hand out favours to guests as they leave. This will avoid upset caused by children losing or forgetting their favour. .

bee box parties craft favours

One way to provide dynamic and interesting party favours that keep guests entertained is to provide a craft activity during the celebration that doubles as a take home favour. DIY kits such as these plaster and paint sets or beaded bracelets make excellent take home favours for kids to remember your child’s birthday by. Alternatively hosts can set out containers of stickers, feathers, stick on gems, sequins, confetti or markers to let party guests embellish their own theme aligned items – wands, princess crowns, mugs, diaries or note books, race cars, or party hats.

bee box parties craft party favour ideas

bee box parties gourmet treat favours

Some kids still yearn for the good old fashioned lolly bags. If your birthday kid wants to treat his or her friends to something sweet, try individual portions of gourmet fairy floss, themed cookies or a chocolate bars with personalised wrappers.

bee box parties food favour images

bee box parties tiny toy favours

Small toy keepsakes are perfect for themed birthday parties. Painted tape cars, small stuffed toys, pinwheels, or a lego mini figure are inexpensive toys that kids love and work with a variety of birthday party themes. For something a little bit special, consider an Adopt a cat (this is a perfect complement to the plush purring cat toys found in our Kitty Kat Luxe Box) or dinosaur basket filled with plush toys. And, for a touch of extra flair add a personalised favour tag to stuffed animals.

bee box parties party favour toy ideas