Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Brilliant Balloons

July 07, 2017

Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Brilliant Balloons

Although balloons are synonymous with birthday parties, they are often an underused decoration. With a little ingenuity, however, the humble balloon can be an easy, on trend way to bring your party to life and create a motif with show-stopping decorations. Take a look at these simple balloon style hacks that will transform your party style.

There’s more to placing balloons than tying a bunch to a mail box, but that doesn’t mean that simple style additions should be ignored. Adding a balloon stick to a few balloons and sticking them into the ground outside your party space creates a whimsical entry for guests, and sets the tone for a few sweet hours of childish delight. For a more dramatic affect, consider making a DIY balloon garland to highlight your party spread. This step by step tutorial is for a Valentine’s themed party, but details a good basic structure and can be applied to any party: Variations on the theme may require a little imagination - for example, palm leaves might be used for an island or Moana themed party, inexpensive fishing net for an under the sea or pirate party, or easily constructed kitten ears for a Kitty Kat themed birthday. Balloons can also be used on the dessert table to create height. Try a Bunches configuration for a sumptuous statement, a cascade or layered configuration for understated elegance or an umbrella configuration for a touch of quirk. These formations can also be used as a floor arrangement as a point of interest. bee box parties balloon placement images

Styling balloons doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Metallics are currently on trend, and this works perfectly with party balloons; add a splash of glitter paint to blown up balloons, or use modge podge glue on foil confetti, starting at the tied base and working halfway up. For a flicker of fun, use a low temp glue gun to add mini pom poms, or use foil letter stickers for a more personal touch.

bee box parties balloon decoration images

Balloon strings don’t have to be just functional; they can have a decorative impact too. Mini honeycomb balls, painted foam balls, and tassel fringes can add theme appropriate pizazz to balloon strings, or use faux floral vines or long strands of coloured ribbon attached to oversized or brightly coloured balloons for the ultimate signature decor. For best results, invest a little more in a few helium balloons.

bee box parties balloon placement images

There are plenty of simple style hacks that will add a definite wow factor to your party spread. Confetti balloons can be inexpensive to make; add small pieces of brightly coloured pastel or metallic tissue paper from discount stores. Alternatively, confetti balloons can be purchased in a range of sizes, from small cake toppers to jumbo sized balloons.

Balloon style hacks can be applied to any of our Bee Box collections; for more inspiration for Dino Roar themed parties, check out our Floating Dinosaur Friday Freebie, and add flair and detail to your dino decor.