Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Dinoroar Party Tips

June 15, 2017

Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Dinoroar Party Tips

The Dinoroar Collection creates so many options for paleolithic partygoers - let your imagination go wild with fun fresh party food and prehistoric party games. From simple to over the top, our top tips have you covered.

bee box parties dinoroar #1 a jurrasic feast

The simplest party food is often the best received. There were no chickens in the crustaceous period, but wings are an ideal substitute for pterodactyl wings, and a great option for a substantial hot food spread. Nuggets and sandwiches can also be cut to shape using cookie cutters. For non carnivorous reptilians, veggies with Dino Dip and Herbivore fruit skewers provide a healthy option for the jurassic feast. For the dessert table, consider cookies with a dino foot print stamped into raw dough before cooking. Alternatively, put together small servings of TRex Trail mix, with muesli clusters, choc chips and dried fruit for a delicious addition to a dino feast.

bee box parties dinoroar #2 entertainment

Once the scene is set, there’s no need to sacrifice an arm and a leg on entertainment. For party planners hosting at home, a Dino theme lends itself to a range of party games and activities. For example, with a little imagination a simple ring toss game becomes the Tricera-toss. Dino Doughnuts on a String can be prepared using a clothes line strung with doughnuts. Inexpensive Easter Eggs can be used in a Dino Egg Hunt and a Dino Egg and Spoon Race. And hide and seek can be re-themed as Extinct Dinosaurs.

bee box parties dinoroar #3 dino desserts

Whether you go all out with your own cool creation, hire someone else to do the baking, or keep it simple with a basic design, cake inspiration is everywhere. Tiny plastic dinosaurs are readily available for a dino fight scene on a simple cake canvas. Alternatively, the pairing of chocolate ganache and green jelly makes for fantastic muddy swamp pits or you could get really inventive and fashion a volcano cake to complement your dino dessert spread!

bee box parties dinoroar #4 food tents

Bee Box Parties Food Tents can be used to spur little imaginations when staging a Dino themed party. A basic party spread comes alive with labels like ‘For Herbivores’, ‘For Carnivores’, ‘For Yumnivores’ or “For Sweetivores’. More specifically, a fruit platter can be labelled ‘Ferocious Fruit’ or carrot and celery sticks ‘Herbivore Heaven’ and plain old chicken nuggets will delight as ‘Brontosaurus Bites.’ Guests will love indulging in Stegosaurus Snacks, Jurassic Juice and T Rex Treats at the Crustaceous Cafe.

bee box parties dinoroar #5 friday freebie

Friday is party prep day, and to ease the birthday burden Bee Box Parties celebrates the end of each week with Friday Freebies. This week’s free offer is a must for theme setting, entertainment and styling: amuse your guests with our ‘Make Your Own Dinosaur Name’ printable, and add fun flair and detail to your dino decor with our 'Floating Dinos' download. Choose between either a TRex or Brontosaurus.

bee box parties top 5 dinoroar dinosaur party tips printables