Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Mermaid Madness

June 22, 2017

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There is so much to work with when decorating for a mermaid party; these simple party planning ideas make the ideal compliment to your Mermaid Bee Box. The creative opportunities for adding a little mermaid magic are endless!

bee box parties mermaid party #1 decoration ideas

Sea shells can be found in most craft shops and make the perfect companion to this beautiful collection. Scattered on the dessert table, or placed in a pretty glass jar or vase, sea shells are an easy compliment to your mermaid party. Inexpensive blue paper lanterns are also readily available in most shades, and with a few strands of crepe paper attached to the bottom they make excellent jellyfish or octopi that serve as a beautiful compliment to your Mermaid Collection Bee Box or Luxe Box decorations. Spiky stress balls in vibrant shades double as sea urchins in a large vase for a gorgeous and unique centre piece. These are beautiful with or without water, but if you do fill the jar, consider adding a splash of aqua blue food colouring and glitter before popping the urchins in for a shimmery under sea affect. Or, use a cheap fishing net to capture your Bee Box or Luxe Box balloons above the party table, either on the wall or even suspended from the ceiling. 

bee box parties mermaid party #2 food ideas

Creative mermaid cuisine doesn’t have to be time consuming. Use cake scraps to make edible sand, or use a dot of icing to glue a white cake decorating pearl to an open macaroon to look like an undersea oyster. Blue jelly cups (glitter jelly is available at most supermarkets) and lolly skewers are always popular.

bee box parties mermaid party #3 activity ideas

There are plenty of simple ways to entertain sea faring guests. A pool party or water play activity lends itself to the mermaid theme, but there are plenty of other party games to play on dry land. A decorate your own treasure chest station will occupy the kids for a substantial chunk of the party, with a Ariel/Nemo themed photo booth as optional play. Or, fill a clam shell with sand and hold a mermaid ‘treasure dig.’

bee box parties mermaid party #4 food tents

Imaginative food tent labels are a simple way to promote your mermaid party theme; labels such as mermaid munch, sea snacks, shark bait, flounder fruit and pearl punch will take your guests on an undersea odyssey.

bee box parties mermaid party #5 friday freebie

This week’s Friday Freebie is a mermaid party planner’s dream! A DIY mermaid party hat

bee box parties best 5 mermaid madness