Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Ninja Warrior Party Plans

July 12, 2017

Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Ninja Warrior Party Plans

Planning the perfect celebration for your little Ninja doesn’t need to overwhelm. As a compliment to your Ninja themed Bee Box, these party tips will make planning your Ninja Warrior’s special day simple, without compromising on style.

bee box parties ninja #1 decorations

Ninja parties are action packed; conserve your energy for the birthday frenzy rather than pre party decorating, by using the lanterns from your Bee Box. For added detail, adorn them with Ninja eyes using a black paper or cloth with cut outs. Take Away Noodle boxes can be filled with sweets or crackers and brightly coloured chopsticks make ideal party spread ornaments. Alternatively, spread Lego Ninjago characters, paper umbrellas or origami paper cranes across your dessert table.

bee box parties ninja party #2 food

A Ninja theme leaves ample room for inspiration, whether you choose the convenience of a platter of sushi from your local store, or take on the catering yourself. A good compromise is to spend some time on 1 or 2 particular dishes that fit your theme, doubling as ninja decor and bolstering the ambience of your spread. For example, Glitter dipped fortune cookies add sparkle and good fortune to your party table, or Fruit Rice Paper Rolls contribute an exotic feel while giving kids a healthy option at the party table. Complete the spread with easy to prepare dishes like sandwiches in ninja star shapes (using cookie cutters) and Lolly skewers using brightly coloured chopsticks for an authentic feast worthy of a Ninja Warrior!

bee box parties ninja #3 food tent inspiration

Using fun party food tent names for your party spread reinforces your Ninja party motif: for the party spread, a food tent label like Dragon Delights or Ninja Nibbles could include Spinjitsu sticks (pretzel sticks or fruit kebabs both work with this label) Warrior Fuel (cordial), and Ninjago Noodles. Alternatively, Dragon Eggs (easter eggs), Lego Heads (marshmallows) and Rice Krispy Sushi (using gummy lollies) are all ideal for the Ninja Warrior theme.

bee box parties ninja #4 activities

Little Ninjas love to blow off steam and a DIY Ninja Training Academy obstacle course is a great way to keep them busy! Stations can include a balance beam (using planks laid out on the grass), pool noodle hurdles, a crepe paper laser beam dodge and a dart around (using cones on the grass or hanging balloons) will sharpen Ninja skills and entertain active little warriors. A similar activity can be planned out at your local park with very little extra planning. Other fun activities might include a game using chopsticks to pick up party favours from a bowl of rice, or a visit from a Lego Ninjago character.

bee box parties ninja #5 friday freebie

For an authentic Ninja party activity, don’t forget to check out this week’s Friday Freebie, the ‘What is Your Ninja Name?’ printable. This activity gives the party goers a little extra downtime after their exploits at the Training Academy, and will occupy your guests until cake time!

bee box parties best 5 ninja warrior party tips