Bee Box Parties Best 5 - Tips to add a colour splash to your party table

July 25, 2017

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With a little help from your Bee Box, stylish party planning is simple and fast, leaving time for you to focus on adding extra flair and detail to your party spread. One way to impose your own personal touch to your party food table regardless of your chosen theme is to incorporate colour. Kids’ birthday celebrations should inspire little imaginations, and colour is the ideal way to add kid friendly visual appeal.

Small touches of colour are easily achieved with serving ware detail. Inexpensive serving ware can be purchased or hired specifically to coordinate with the event, or your existing supplies can be updated by applying spray paint to the stem of a platter (so that it is still food safe). Colourful baking cups can be used for single serve foods including fruit salad or popcorn. Other ways to infuse accents of colour to your party food table include tying a coloured ribbon to the top of jars in a candy bar, the addition of food tent labels or striped straws used as skewers for candy pops or marshmallow kebabs.

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bee box parties pink party food

Pink is a popular party colour palette and an easy one to incorporate into a party food table. For an easy to make plate, try these fluffy pink and white meringues, using just three ingredients to sprinkle pink throughout your spread. Pink lemonade, (store bought or homemade) or strawberry milk are ideal additions in clear drink dispensers. Added to a few easy to find store bought dishes, like pink candy, pretzel rods, fairy floss, chocolate covered Oreo pops and macaroons, your pink themed party spread can be as subtle or over the top as you like!

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Green fruit is a breeze, and looks beautiful on a party food table. Kiwi, apples, mint, grapes, honeydew, and pear can be served on a contrasting coloured plate, put on to skewers, or sliced, frozen and added to a drink dispenser for immediate impact. Guacomole dip served with sticks of green vegetables are a leafy emerald twist on the plain old party crudite. For a beautiful contrast, ombre cakes or cupcakes work perfectly in shades of green, or use clean white jelly cups juxtaposed with deep green tinted jelly layered with cream. Spinach infused mountain bread or corn chips make a tasty side dish accompaniment served with guacamole or spinach dip.

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bee box parties blue party food

Blue Cotton Candy or Popcorn are simple ways to add sapphire tones to your party spread; or for a sweet party treat, try creating this cotton candy popcorn. Alternatively, line the base of your serving ware with small blue lollies and place cake pops or cupcakes on top. Blue jelly cups are always a favourite and suit any theme from princess to dinosaur, and blue sprinkles can add colour to marshmallow sticks, pretzel rods or cookies.

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bee box parties red party foods

An easy way to incorporate colour into your party food table is with the dishes themselves, and no colour fits the brief better than red. Whether you want your spread to be eye catching or speak to party adventures to come, red food is plentiful and evokes images of health and vitality. Red fruit like strawberries, raspberries, apples, watermelon, pomegranates and cherries can be served on stark white dishes, or as fruit skewers. Alternatively, with a bit of pre planning, red fruit can be sliced, frozen and added to a clear drink dispenser for a striking and functional display. To satisfy a sweet tooth, use a cookie cutter on the top layer of a jam sandwich, showcasing the vibrant jam colour. Or, serve rich red velvet cupcakes or cake pops with cream cheese frosting to highlight its crimson hue. Candy is an easy addition to a party spread and a simple way to add colour. Select bags of red liquorice, red frogs, lindt balls or Allen’s raspberries from the grocery store, or shop online for larger quantities of jelly beans, rock candy sticks or lollipops.