Best Bento Box Fillers - Party Food Treats and Eats

November 07, 2017

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Planning for kids party food can be an overwhelming prospect: preparing mouthwatering treats for a range of picky palettes within the limitations of potential allergies and anaphylaxis is no mean feat. Stylish and practical, Bento Boxes are a unique feature of our Bee Box collections, providing a convenient planning process both prior to your event and on the day and making kids’ party food  preparation simple.

Rather than slaving over food on celebration day, the bento box feature allows party planners to prepare food in advance on the evening before, and is easily transportable if the affair is being hosted off site. Bento boxes  also create an easy flow for the party, preventing the inevitable bottle neck and crowding issues around a traditional party spread. And for those parents with an interest in promoting healthy eating, this feature allows for portion control and makes a healthy balanced selection of food simple.

Below are some great filler ideas for Bee Box Bento Boxes that suit a range of themes and food types - once you’ve tried the Bento Box to serve kids party food you’ll never look back.


1.       Single Serve Savouries

Bento Boxes are great for serving large pieces of finger food whether they are savoury or sweet. Rice paper rolls and sushi lend themselves perfectly to the theme, but sandwiches, wraps and sliders work just as well and are always a popular way to fill little tummies. Of course, the classic party pie or sausage roll is a go to kids party food  staple and Bento Boxes  are great for serving hot food as well as cold. For a more gourmet selection, try warm or cold mini quiches or zucchini slice. This works in perfect concert with a dessert table at the end of the party as guests are being picked up.


2. Treats

Some hosts prefer to split party food into two sittings - one at the beginning of the party for savoury or main meal type items and one towards the end for sweet treats. Here is where the Bento Box can really shine: if you have an entertainer coming, you may decide to set up a savoury party spread as they enter and are milling around, then serve a sweet Bento Box  either intermittently throughout the festivities or at the end. This style might include portions of trail mix (without nuts), popcorn with M&Ms, fairy floss, jelly cups or pike lets with strawberry or nutella.


3. Sweet Eats

Bento Boxes can also take the place of the more traditional dessert spread, presenting macaroons, slices, honey joys, chocolate crackles or mini muffins. This can also be an ideal supplement to high tea or princess theme, turning kids party food  into an exquisite afternoon tea event.


4. Delicious and Nutritious

The real genius of Bento Boxes  is that they are suited so superbly to a healthier delivery of kids party food . They offer portion control and can be easily filled with vegetable sticks and served with dips, fruit salad or even cold salads. The kids won’t even know they are eating sensibly!

Our Bento Boxes  are fully recyclable and easy to clean up. Taking the focus away from food preparation means more time to plan using our Bee Box partyware, and with style and function sorted for the kids party food  spread, you can focus on adding your personal flair into cakes and desserts.

































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