Popcorn and Pyjama Party Tips

June 27, 2017

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A perfect Popcorn and Pyjama party is simple; you just need your Bee Box and a bit of imagination! From film selection to catering and party games, this list has you covered.

bee box parties popcorn pyjamas sleepover film selection ideas

Your child may already have a favourite film in mind for movie night, or you may be looking to download the latest release for the party. If you haven’t seen the movie personally, it is a good idea to run a quick background check. The Common Sense Media Guide is a great place to check the appropriateness of different films for each age group. And don’t forget to check your media set up before the big night to ensure all connections are working and the film is ready for action!

bee box parties popcorn pyjamas sleepover popcorn bar ideas

A gourmet popcorn bar is an excellent addition to a movie night sleepover, and popcorn cuisine is right on trend. Local grocery stores stock a variety of delicious flavours like salted caramel, butter, sea salt and sweet and salty. Alternatively, gourmet popcorn vendors like Happylab and Sweetaz offer an ideal accompaniment to a pyjama party in a wide range of artisan flavours, including strawberry milkshake, peanut butter chocolate, Californian salted caramel and rocky road caramel. Lip smackingly tasty! For an extra flourish, add topping options like chocolate treats; M&Ms, Rolos, white chocolate buds, gummies, sprinkles, caramel sauce and crushed up brownies.

bee box parties popcorn pyjamas sleepover food ideas

Its such a treat having breakfast in your pyjamas at night time; if you are thinking of offering a substantial meal as party food, consider a pancake or waffle bar, including toppings like fresh berries, bananas, Nutella, maple syrup, whipped cream, yoghurt and chocolate shavings. With full bellies and a well chosen flick, your guests will be entertained for hours!

bee box parties popcorn pyjamas sleepover activity

Entertaining kids overnight can seem like an endless chore, but with a bit of ingenuity inspired by Hollywood hi jinx the sky is the limit! The Popcorn and Pyjamas Luxe Box includes pillow case decorating sets as party favours - fun for guests of all ages! Before settling in for movie night, bring on the giggles with a blind folded make over competition, sleeping bag sack race or Lip Sync Battle. Creative kids will also love Foil the Runway, a game where guests fashion a garment out of Alfoil and then model it on the runway for other guests. For more popcorn and pyjama party game inspiration, visit https://au.pinterest.com/beeboxparties/.

bee box parties popcorn pyjama sleepover friday freebie

This week’s free printable is a perfect match for popcorn and pyjama partygoers; this ‘Would You Rather’ question list can be cut out and placed in a jar for guests to pull out and quiz each other. No movie night sleepover is complete without it!

bee box parties popcorn pyjama sleepover party free printables

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