Princess Party High Tea Concepts

October 03, 2017

bee box parties princess party ideas high tea concepts blog post

A princess party lends itself to high tea embellishments and it doesn’t take much to adorn your party with a few small details to enhance the royal birthday experience. Your little princess will be as pleased as passionfruit punch with these majestic birthday theme ideas. Tiaras at the ready, this is one party kids won’t want to miss.

bee box parties princess #1 table fit for a princess

Imperial party planning is all about simple sophistication. A plate of scones with condiments is a must for an elegant spread fit for a princess and fits in perfectly with a sumptuous royal dessert table. There are plenty of creative ways to compliment the princess theme; inexpensive dollar store wands can double as a fruit skewer, and heart or crown shaped cookie cutter shapes can be put to work to create themed sandwiches and cookies.

bee box parties princess #2 party time fun

From low cost to full majesty, party activities can be simple to plan. A Princess visit from a kids entertainment provider is an effective way to entertain your little majesties, or for the musically inclined a princess ball is a fun twist on the royal theme. Whether you hire a musical entertainer or create your own playlist for dancing to, dancing can entertain the guests for hours on end. But you don’t have to sell the crown jewels to put on an bewitching birthday celebration. A box of princess dress ups in a corner is always a hit. Organise a scavenger hunt - or, an Enchanted Jewel Hunt - or hold a royal relay. Then, at the end of the party, hold a crowning ceremony for the guests or play a game of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (a lying down version of musical statues).

bee box parties princess #3 a royal feast

A delicate princess punch or pink lemonade sprinkled with pomegranate seeds will set the scene for an opulent afternoon tea and delight guests, but for a creative party planner cups are not just for drinking from; serve your cupcakes in delicate tea cups, or pack a dollop of dip, crudités and crackers into a tea cup for individualised treats. Bento Boxes are also an ideal accompaniment for high tea themes. Separately portioned macaroons, pink popcorn and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches in each box are not just stylish, they also cut down on cleaning and serving time.

bee box parties princess #4 food tents

Food Tents are a simple way to convey your theme without spending a dime. Food Labels like Magical Macaroons, Princess Popcorn or Wish Upon a Star Fruit Wands can be placed on your party food table under a party spread label such as Glass Slipper Snacks, Royal Eats and Treats, or One Upon a Banquet.

bee box parties princess #5 friday freebie

If you are planning a Princess Party, don’t forget to check out our Friday Freebies. This week’s offering includes a princess name generator and series of Disney Princesses inspired ball gowns for guests to decorate - ideal for entertaining little empresses!

Ariel inspired ball gown top and skirt printables

Cinderella inspired ball gown top and skirt printables

Elsa inspired ball gown top and skirt printables

Rapunzel inspired ball gown top and skirt printables

bee box parties top 5 princess party tips printables

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