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A Caped Crusader Party

Whether you have a batman to be or a super girl in training, the Bee Box Superhero Collection will save your day. Just add party food to create a memorable superhero party for your caped crusader. Every little hero will love this design, available in two colour schemes even villains can't resist.

The products in each Bee Box are sourced from a combination of local artisans and quality international suppliers and include premium superhero party ware, favours and printables. With personalised birthday banner, invitations and thank you cards, decorations, Bento boxes, and napkin and cutlery pouches all attended to our heroes and their guests will have nothing to worry about except their arch nemesis!

You don’t need a superpower to turbo boost your Superhero’s celebration. The Luxe Box features the dynamic duo of party planning perfection; dazzling cape and mask party favours for each hero and boosted decorative powers that will make your secret hideout, party central.

Don’t wait for a signal - the Superhero Party collection is a real life saver!

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