Brilliant Little Bento Boxes

Stylish and practical, the bento box  is a key feature of each of the Bee Box Collections. These beautifully designed partyware pieces not only add a sprinkle of glamour to your child’s special day; using a bento box motif for the table spread makes for a smoother planning process for party parents.

Rather than slaving over food on celebration day, the bento box  feature allows party planners to prepare food in advance on the evening before, and is easily transportable if the affair is being hosted off site. Bento boxes also create an easy flow for the party, preventing the inevitable bottle neck and crowding issues around a traditional party spread. And for those parents with an interest in promoting healthy eating, this feature allows for portion control and makes a healthy balanced selection of food simple.

Our Bento Boxes are fully recyclable and easy to clean up. Taking the focus away from food preparation means more time to plan using our Bee Box partyware,  and with style and function sorted for the party food spread, you can focus on adding your personal flair into cakes and desserts.

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