The Bee Box and the Luxe Box

Our Party Collections are available in two styles.

The Bee Box consists of everything you need to make your child’s dream birthday party experience a reality. Filled with unique, customised printables, high quality party ware and party favours, each Bee Box is an affordably priced party in a box that will delight children and take the planning load off parents.

The Luxe Box contains a little extra touch of opulence for your birthday child. Added to the Bee Box contents, it also includes additional decor pieces and small gifts as party favours for each guest.

We are passionate about providing creative and stylish partyware to make birthday celebrations joyful. If we can’t source a product that matches our Bee Box Parties vision for a particular Collection, we create it ourselves. 

Bee Box and Luxe Box Party Supplies Options  


Store Update

All new orders processed 29 July, 2019.

All new orders will be processed 29 July, 2019.